Amidst overwhelming feelings of sadness, masses of people in Gaza buried the bodies of 3 children, siblings, who died due to a fire that broke out in their house in the "Nuseirat Camp" in the central Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

The three children from the Al-Hazen family, who are Yusef Omar Al-Hazin (5 years old), his two brothers Mahmoud (4 years old), and Muhammad (two years old), arrived dead bodies to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, in the central Gaza Strip.

The fire broke out, which caused their deaths due to power cuts, and their use of wax in lighting.

Video clips documented moving scenes of their father saying goodbye to them, embracing the bodies of his children, crying and screaming, "Oh Muhammad, respond to me ... Oh Wali .. Oh, oh, oh Muhammad."

An influential ... The funeral of the bodies of the three children victims of the candle

- Quds News (@ News24PS) September 2, 2020

"My son died without drinking milk," the grieving father said. "Three candles were burned for me .. They are my most precious possession."

Citizens participated in the funeral of the three bodies, amid a general state of grief for the victims of the siege.