Dubai Roads meets the needs of employees with a virtual assistant

  • Automation facilitates and facilitates the mechanism of work.

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  • Nabil Al Ali: The authority is keen to strengthen its technical infrastructure to reduce paperwork.


The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai announced the automation of all its administrative services provided to employees, including 25 main services and 127 subsidiary services, in addition to harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to meet the needs and inquiries of its human cadres by launching the virtual assistant.

The Director of the Administrative Services Department in the Institutional Administrative Support Services Sector at the Authority, Nabil Al Ali, said that the authority has made a quantum leap in transferring all its administrative services for employees to the technical system, as it has worked on the automation of 25 main services and 127 subsidiary services, and the implementation of 23 thousand and 873 automated requests since The project will start in 2018 until the end of the second quarter of this year.

He explained that the authority launched a virtual assistant service by harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) technology designed to respond to employee inquiries and questions in both Arabic and English, as the virtual assistant includes 73 information services, whether regarding administrative services or information and procedures related to the Coronavirus, as well as This technology also includes 132 programmed answers to potential questions from employees.

Al Ali stressed that the authority is keen to strengthen its technical infrastructure to reduce paper transactions according to the government's directives aimed at supporting the Dubai Government’s initiative without paper, as well as harnessing these technologies to face emergency conditions.

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