• Caronia, Procurator: remains found compatible with Joel's age

  • Viviana and Gioele, the lawyers announce a complaint for "alleged omissions and delays in searches"

  • Viviana and Gioele, pm: "From frames it does not appear that the baby's body was next to the mother"

  • Giallo di Caronia: Joel was possibly fatally injured in the accident on the A20

  • Caronia: Joel postponed to tomorrow autopsy.

    Dj's dad: "Superficial research"

  • Caronia.

    We look for other remains of little Gioele in the Nebrodi woods


03 September 2020The determination of the Patti Public Prosecutor's Office to look for other fragments in the point of the Nebrodi woods where the remains of the little Giole Mondello were found on August 19, led to the discovery of other bone fragments.

Now the analyzes will have to establish whether these fragments also belong to little Joel.

The firefighters and the men of the scientific police did not interrupt the search for clues useful for the investigations after the discovery of the bodies of the DJ Viviana Parisi and her 4-year-old son found dead after days.

The area from the trellis, at the foot of which Viviana's body was found, up to the place where Joel's remains were found, were cleaned of herbs and brambles for inspection.  

 The lawyer Antonio Cozza, one of the lawyers of Viviana Parisi's parents' family, met yesterday the Chief Prosecutor of Patti (Messina) Angelo Vittorio Cavallo, who coordinates the investigation for murder and kidnapping.

The magistrate is awaiting the results of the unrepeatable investigations that were made two days ago at the geology faculty of Messina by the forensic geology Roberta Somma, under the supervision of the legal doctors of the Prosecutor's Office, Daniela Sapienza and Elvira Ventura on the skull of the child. Joel.

We are still trying to understand if the baby died during the accident or after or together with his mother who had been suffering psychologically for a few months following a mystical crisis.