A six-year-old boy was claimed for defecation in a swimming pool of 15,000 yuan. Parents responded: Unintentionally, the compensation amount is not accepted

  China News Service, Hohhot, September 3 (Wang Mingyuan) On August 28, a 6-year-old boy in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, was asked to pay 15,000 yuan for defecation in the swimming pool of the gym. The parents of the child were only willing to pay 2,000 yuan.

He also said that the fitness card still has 2,000 yuan, and he is not planning to go anymore.

Once this incident was exposed, it caused widespread concern.

  On September 2, the reporter went to the gym where the incident occurred and saw that the swimming pool was still closed.

According to the staff, the business has been closed for 5 days from the day it was engaged to September 1.

  The general manager of the gym Shi Xiaolei showed the surveillance video to reporters.

Surveillance video showed that a little boy was lying motionless on the edge of the swimming pool, constantly raising his legs, touching the swimming trunks with his hands, and continuing to excrete after going ashore.

  According to the gym manager, a few minutes after the incident, floating excrement appeared on the swimming pool. The gym immediately began to clean up and organize members to leave.

  "The swimming pool belongs to a special industry. There is a charge of 40 yuan per ton of water, and the entire pool costs about 16,000 yuan. After the incident, our gym also assumed losses such as reduced turnover and refunds, totaling about 30,000 yuan. Only children are required. Parents bear half of the loss." Shi Xiaolei told reporters.

  To this end, the reporter called the parents of the children involved.

The parents responded that the incident has interfered with daily life, and the claim of 15,000 yuan is unacceptable, and they plan to take legal means.

  "Now that the child knows that all the parents are scolding him, he no longer dared to go swimming. The child started crying when he mentioned swimming. At that time, the child had a stomachache and could not hold it back, so he pulled it into his pants. The swimming pool was also responsible for the loss of 30,000 yuan. 15,000, can't accept it." The parents of the children involved told reporters.

  The reporter learned that at present, the parents of the child and the gym have not reached an agreement on the amount of compensation. Both parties are consulting their lawyers. Both parties said that if they cannot resolve it through consultation, they are prepared to go through legal procedures.

  This incident caused heated discussion on the Internet, and netizens exploded!

  Netizens said that it is not too much to ask for some money. The cleaning cost of the swimming pool is also very high, and it affects the needs of customers at that time.

Some netizens believe that the child's diarrhea is excusable, but the guardian should actively take responsibility.