It is Sweden's Minister of Civil Affairs Lena Micko (S) who has invited 15 municipalities and five regions that have been hit particularly hard by the corona crisis.

The meeting will take place digitally on Wednesday and one of the participating municipalities is Ronneby.

- The corona crisis is hitting financially and there is a huge uncertainty factor now, says Roger Fredriksson (M), who is a municipal councilor in Ronneby.

Why has Ronneby been chosen to participate?

- It is possible that you see that we have higher unemployment.

It can also be affected by the fact that we had a large influx during the refugee wave until 2016, says Roger Fredriksson.

"Larger additions"

He answers what Ronneby needs to cope with the corona crisis.

- A larger contribution from the state in general state subsidies where we can control where the needs are.

I share this with all of Sweden's municipalities and regions, says Roger Fredriksson.

In the video, you hear Roger Fredriksson (M) about the crisis meeting about corona.