China News Service, September 2nd. According to the website of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the Civil Aviation Administration of China has implemented strict prevention and control measures and strict prevention of import risks in accordance with the requirements of “prevention of external input and internal prevention of rebound”. From the 3rd, direct Beijing international passenger flights that diverted through the first entry point will be gradually resumed.

Data map: Beijing Capital International Airport.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Hou Yu

  In order to strictly control the risk of imported epidemics in the capital, starting from March 23, all international passenger flights entering Beijing have been diverted to designated first entry points. Passengers eligible for quarantine can enter Beijing on the original flight.

As of September 1, 511 international passenger flights have been diverted to the first point of entry.

  As the epidemic prevention and control work becomes normal, the above-mentioned diversion of international passenger flights will gradually resume direct flights to Beijing.

According to the remote nucleic acid testing work at the origin of the relevant flight, starting from September 3, 8 countries with fewer imported cases, including Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan, Greece, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, and Canada, will be restored to Beijing. Flights.

The first flight after the restoration was the Cambodia Phnom Penh to Beijing flight operated by Air China on September 3.

  In order to further improve the prevention and control of the epidemic after the flight resumes, the Civil Aviation Administration will take stricter prevention and control measures on all international passenger flights directly to Beijing based on the strict implementation of the flight circuit breaker policy: first, for single-shift operations If the actual imported cases meet the fusing standard, the fusing measures shall be taken immediately, and the policy of entering the designated first entry point will be restored at the end of the fusing period; second, if the actual imported cases in a single shift operation exceed 3, the entry point will be immediately transferred to Beijing Revert to the designated first entry point; third, strictly control the passenger load factor of direct flights to Beijing, and control the number of passengers entering the capital airport every day; fourth, on the basis of strict remote passenger nucleic acid testing and airport prevention and control measures , Implement strict closed-loop management of such inbound passengers to prevent the import risk to the greatest extent.

  In the next step, the Civil Aviation Administration will be deployed in accordance with the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism, based on the capital’s epidemic prevention and control requirements and receiving capabilities, combined with the progress of remote nucleic acid testing in relevant countries, and comprehensively assess the epidemic input risk, comprehensive support capabilities, airline flight arrangements and passenger needs Factors such as the overall arrangement for the resumption of direct flights by other Beijing international passenger flights diverted through the first entry point.