Current MacBooks differ mainly in processor performance.

And since it is not possible to upgrade laptops from Apple, it is best when buying to choose the technical equipment that meets the requirements of the user in the medium term at least.

The German magazine "Mac & Eye" advises you to familiarize yourself with the offers available to compare prices, in addition to the fact that used devices are considered attractive options due to their low prices. This applies to models equipped with the Butterfly keyboard, which have been used by three generations of MacBook devices. The American company abandoned the mechanical keyboard at the end of 2019.

There is a question about whether it is better to wait for the first MacBook devices, in which Apple relies on its ARM architecture, which will be used instead of Intel processors currently installed, but experts believe that it is not necessary to wait for these devices.

good choice

MacBook devices with Intel processors are still a good choice at the present time, especially for gamers, and people who want to use Microsoft Windows on their laptop alongside the Mac system, and it is now certain that it will not be possible to run Windows on devices. Equipped with ARM processors.

Experts usually advise buying new devices covered by the warranty when wanting to buy MacBooks, and this is due to several reasons, including that the new models come with a better and more durable keyboard, faster processors, more RAM, and a static-state memory (SSD), which has become storage capacity. Bigger and Lower Cost.

Students and the average user can use the 2020 MacBook Air because it comes with a quad-core processor (French)

Ordinary user

Students and ordinary users can use the 2020 MacBook Air, which comes with a quad-core processor, such as the Macbook Air Core i5 2020 (Macbook Air Core i5 2020) with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD.

Also available is a mid-range model MacBook Pro 2XTP 2020 (Macbook Pro 2x TB (2020) with a 13-inch screen, 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD memory.

The Professionals

For professional users, who sit in front of the screen for long hours while they work, they can count on the MacBook Pro 13 4 x TB 2020 (Macbook Pro 13 ″ 4x TB (2020) with a 13-inch screen, 16 GB RAM and SSD. One terabyte (SSD) capacity, features 4 Thunderbolt ports, and is suitable for all uses, including 4K video editing.

The MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen is suitable for high-end professional use or users who want to enjoy the performance of their desktop devices while on the go, and the model MacBook Pro 16 Core i7 (2020 Macbook Pro 16 ″ Core i7 (2020) comes with a capacity of RAM 32 GB, 2 TB SSD.