• Meeting.Pablo Casado and Pedro Sánchez collide on Budgets, but they approach positions to create an Agency for Economic Recovery

  • The answer. The Government sees the meeting with Pablo Casado as "disappointing" and accuses the PP of continuing to be installed in the "frentism"

Inés Arrimadas headed to



on a journey that was the final acceleration to distance herself from two paths: Albert Rivera's Ciudadanos and Pablo Casado's PP.




showed Pedro Sánchez her "firm and real will to sit down and negotiate moderate, sensible budgets."

Faced with the


position of

not talking about public accounts while Podemos is in government, Arrimadas will sit down with the


to refute his claim to raise taxes or repeal the labor reform.

Distance with the Citizens of the past and the PP of the present.

Clear notice.

"What the government did during the pandemic will be judged, but what the opposition did will also be judged."

And Arrimadas is willing to make the Budgets.

Lift the veto of Podemos and sit down with the coalition government as a whole, offering itself to the Socialists as support to stop the aspirations of Pablo Iglesias' party, which this Wednesday has insisted on its claim for a tax reform that raises taxes.

"Our fiscal and labor model has nothing to do with that of Podemos, which is not the best for Spain in general and in particular in these circumstances. Pedro Sánchez knows what our positions are and we will defend our fiscal and labor approach," he stated Close to each other after the meeting with Sánchez.

The oranges are committed to reaching out to the President of the Government, adopting the role of a retaining wall against Podemos.

This even means lifting the veto that they had extended to sit with purple members of the Executive.

Arrimadas justifies it in that it is an "extraordinary situation" and that they are the most important public accounts in the history of Spain.

Faced with the situation of being forced to sit down with Podemos - on behalf of the Government María Jesús Montero, Minister of Finance, and Nacho Álvarez, Secretary of State for Social Rights and right hand of Iglesias will negotiate - their strategy is to exhibit a moderate role, placing the coalition's views on extremism.

"We want to condition the Budgets so that they are more sensible and moderate than those that this Government would do if it did them with Rufián and Otegi. If measures that this Government announced a few months ago are not put in place - veiled allusion, for example, to the rise of taxes, because we will do a service to this country ".

Although Sánchez and Arrimadas have not gone into the details of the measures, the leader of Cs has pointed out that she has seen "predisposition" on the part of the Prime Minister "for the Budgets to be negotiated with Cs."

It will be in the next few days when the teams of both parties sit at the table to officially open the negotiation, although they already maintain a fluid channel of communication, especially with the socialist sector of the Executive.

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