- You are little accustomed to these things, so it's not the worst thing.

I myself am not worried, says Talk Harb.

Needed more jobs for young

She thinks that the important thing is to find work for young people in the area, so they are caught up in something important, where they can earn their own money.

- If one were to find more jobs to many young people, the problems would not exist, because if you have something to do when you end up never wrong, she says.

But there is school, activities outside the school and other things, what do you think is the problem for those who still end up slipping?

- The environment can be.

But I still think that there are enough things to do, says Talk Harb.

"It will be a vicious circle."

At the same time, she believes that there are those who are quickly caught up in crime.

The young are recruited into criminal circles and where it can then be difficult for them to get out of there.

- It will be like a vicious circle, says Tala Harb.

Another solution is that politicians get out and create a dialogue about what is going on and that it is important to see the problems and dare to find lösninagr.

- That you're talking genuinely about the whole situation and how it is, I think that would benefit us all.

Tala has its future defined.

A couple of her siblings are already studying to become doctors and pharmacists in college.

- I'm going to be a doctor, she says.