Human rights sources announced the death of 3 detainees in a number of Egyptian prisons during the past 24 hours, and the matter concerns Abdul Rahman Muhammad Zawal in Tora Prison, Subhi al-Saqqa in Burj al-Arab Prison in Alexandria, and Shaaban Hussein in Fayoum Prison.

The "We Record" organization, which is based in the British capital, London, said that Zawal, 39, the accused in the "Helwan Brigades" case, died inside his detention in Tora investigation prison on Monday evening, after "being placed in disciplinary cells for 3 days." .

Egypt: The death of the detainee, "Abd al-Rahman Muhammad Zawal," accused No. 84 in the case of the Helwan Brigades, inside his prison cell # Investigation-Tara, yesterday evening, Monday August 31, 2020, after he was placed in the disciplinary cells for 3 days.

- We Record - We Record (@WeRecordAR) September 1, 2020

On the other hand, the human rights platform Najda explained on its Twitter account, "The disappearance of the detainee 6 years ago, he breathed his last breath in the discipline cell in Tora investigation prison, in inhuman conditions of imprisonment that inevitably lead to death."

Detainee Abd al-Rahman Yusef Ahmed Zewal, 39, breathed his last breath yesterday, Monday, August 31, in the discipline cell of Tora investigation prison (which he was placed in 3 days before his death), in inhuman conditions of detention, which will inevitably lead to death.

Zawal has been detained 6 years ago in connection with the case known in the media as "Helwan Brigades"

- Najda (@Najda_H_R) September 1, 2020

Human rights sources confirmed the death of political prisoner Shaban Hussein Khaled inside his detention center in Fayoum prison due to medical negligence, and also confirmed the death of Subhi al-Saqqa inside Burj al-Arab prison in Alexandria.

Egypt: The death of the detainee, "Shaaban Hussein Khaled," inside his prison # Fayoum General Prison, where he was serving a life sentence in Case No. 96 of the military.

This is the third death in Egyptian prisons within 24 hours after the death of:

1- Abd al-Rahman Muhammad Zawal in Tahqih Prison.

2- Subhi Al-Sakka, Burj Al-Arab Prison.

- We Record - We Record (@WeRecordAR) September 1, 2020

The Ministry of Interior has not issued a statement regarding these deaths, and the Egyptian authorities usually reject the accusations of non-governmental dissidents and human rights defenders of medical neglect of prisoners, and say that they provide care to detainees in police stations and prisons, and that they are dealt with in accordance with human rights laws.