, August 31. According to Euronet, the third administrative court of the Italian High Court of Sicily ruled on the 27th that the Sicilian region government must immediately terminate the implementation of the relevant deportation and deterrence deportation and prevention of illegal immigration laws, local time 8 On the 30th, the number of illegal immigrants and refugees who landed on the island of Lampedusa in Sicily reached more than 500 in less than 24 hours. The refugee crisis is continuing to heat up.

  According to reports, on the 30th local time, Tot Martinlo, the mayor of Lampedusa in Sicily, after receiving more than 500 refugees, said that he could no longer continue the current refugee policy. Illegal immigrants brought to the residents of Lampedusa. The troubles are unbearable. The government should take immediate measures to stop it, otherwise Lampedusa will face collapse and the local government has been unable to cope with the current refugee crisis.

  Senator Angela Maravantano, a member of the Italian coalition party, appealed to the central government for the immediate deportation of these illegally landed immigrants, otherwise she will lead the people of Lampedusa to block the traffic fort in protests and prevent emergency rescue The vehicle enters the dock.

  The chairman of the Italian League Party, National Senator Matteo Salvini, and the leader of the Italian fraternal party and National Representative George Meloni said on a social media platform on the 29th that a refugee with a confirmed new crown virus escaped at the Rome Sirio Military Hospital. Near miss. In the process of preventing the confirmed refugees from escaping, a military medical officer was bitten by the confirmed refugees.

  According to the description of two national parliamentarians, two women and one male Nigerian refugees were diagnosed with the new crown virus and were placed in the Roman Silio Military Hospital for isolation treatment. After the three confirmed refugees were hospitalized for a few days, they asked to leave the hospital but were refused. They immediately began to insult the medical staff and destroy the ward facilities, even attacked the medical staff and bit a military medical officer.

  The two national parliamentarians said that Italian refugees have been repeatedly banned from fleeing after being diagnosed. Riots in refugee camps have occurred from time to time. A large number of refugees are constantly flocking to Italy. The crisis brought about by the refugee problem is getting worse, and the ruling authorities should no longer ignore it. The legislature must immediately review the refugee policy, and earnestly safeguard the rights of Italian citizens and the health and safety of the people. (Ouyang Hong)