Undercover Artist Banksy Buy Ship for Rescue and Immigrant Rescue August 30 10:26

Banksy, a masked artist known for his sharp social caricatures, revealed that he bought a ship to support civilian activities to rescue refugees and migrants from Africa and Europe to Europe at sea.

In the Mediterranean, refugees and migrants from Africa and the Middle East to Europe are dying.

Under these circumstances, masked artist Banksy posted a video on Instagram on the 29th, revealing that the French Navy bought the ship and converted it into a ship for civilian activities to rescue refugees and others at sea. did.

The video criticizes that EU-European Union authorities deliberately ignore requests for rescue from people who are not from Europe.

On the ship, a girl wearing a life jacket and holding a heart-shaped float is depicted, and it is believed that the motif is a representative work of Banksy himself.

According to Britain's leading newspaper Guardian, Banksy contacted a woman in a rescue operation last September and said, "I want the money from my work on the refugee crisis to be used to buy new ships." That is to say.

The ship was already in rescue operation in the Mediterranean Sea and was protecting 219 people, including children as of 28th, but due to the overcrowding of the ship, the Italian Coast Guard ship was requested to rescue. Said they have taken over the bodies of 49 people who needed special protection and one who died.