UAE Domestic Company Accepts Transactions With Israel 4:30 Aug 30

UAE, which has agreed to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel, has announced that it will allow domestic companies to bargain with Israel, and has taken steps to strengthen its economic ties.

The UAE has agreed to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel, which has been confronting the Palestinian issue on the 13th of this month, and is continuing discussions toward the final realization.

According to UAE's state news agency, the UAE government will abolish the law prohibiting all transactions with Israel established at the beginning of the country on 29th, and will reverse and allow contracts with Israeli companies and import of Israeli products Did.

Although many Arab countries have restricted transactions with Israel, there are not a few companies in the UAE that are cooperating with the Israeli side through the West, etc. The shape.

However, some Israeli products may include those made in occupied territories, and UAE's measures are likely to cause further opposition on the part of Palestine, as they accept the occupation policy.

Israeli Prime Minister welcomes "important step"

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said in a statement that UAE announced that it would allow domestic companies to trade with Israel, "welcoming the decision of President Khalifa of UAE. Prosperity and peace in the region. It is an important step in advancing the above."