[Explanation] The 2020 fall semester of Huaqiao University is about to start. Nearly 20,000 students from Huaqiao University have recently returned to school in batches, returning to the campus after a seven-month absence. On August 28th, the reporter came to the Quanzhou campus of Huaqiao University for a field visit to learn about the preparations for school opening of Huaqiao University.

  [Explanation] In order to ensure the safe, stable and orderly progress of epidemic prevention and control in the new semester of the fall, Huaqiao University has organized a series of epidemic prevention work and carried out emergency response drills for epidemic prevention and control before students return to school to maintain the health and safety of students .

  [Concurrent] Chen Jie, Director of Student Affairs Office, Huaqiao University

  Before returning to school, our school requires the autumn counselors from the student community and various colleges to inspect all the dormitories of the old students, including ventilation, water and electricity, and then clean up and kill their dormitories. .

  [Concurrent] Gao Jingyu, a student from Huaqiao University College of Engineering

  When school starts, school buses will pick us up at the airport and train station, also to avoid contact with other people to the greatest extent. This includes cleaning up some dormitories, which saves us a lot of time and energy. Also in the context of the prevention and control of the epidemic, I think (this is) to give maximum consideration to and consider students. Then we did indeed receive the care from the school.

  [Explanation] It is understood that after returning to school, students must complete forms, temperature monitoring and health check-in every day, and need to apply for approval to enter and exit the school; the school canteen recruits volunteers to maintain basic order and arrange off-peak meals and meal order services. At the same time, Huaqiao University has set up temporary express delivery points on campus; supermarkets and other commercial outlets have also been opened to satisfy students' daily study and life on campus.

  【Commentary】Pan Meixuan, an overseas Chinese student in Kuwait, Academy of Fine Arts, Huaqiao University

  That is, our school is, sometimes very caring, and the epidemic prevention work is pretty good. Even after we returned to school, the management was quite strict. Just enter the dormitory door to take your body temperature, and sign something about your body temperature every day on campus today.

  [Commentary] Song Zhengshun, a Hong Kong student from the School of Business Administration, Huaqiao University

  (For strict management) At the beginning, there will be concerns, but for safety, we still need to cooperate as students. Because overcoming this difficulty is actually a bright future.

  【Explanation】According to the arrangement of Huaqiao University, August 24th to September 4th is the preparatory week for the opening of the school, which mainly arranges students to review, counsel and answer questions and exams. Affected by the epidemic, some students are still unable to return to school. In order to facilitate the study of students who have not returned to school, Huaqiao University has installed cameras on the podium of each multimedia classroom, and teachers can realize synchronous teaching through live broadcast in the classroom.

  [Commentary] The reporter learned that Huaqiao University will officially start the new semester courses on September 7. On September 20th, 2020 freshmen of Huaqiao University will arrive at the school to register.

  [Concurrent] Song Zhengshun, a Hong Kong student from the School of Business Administration, Huaqiao University

  Because I am now a senior, and it is my last year in Huayuan, of course I will cherish it even more. Because we took half a year off, of course we will study seriously in the last year, and we must also socialize and get together with friends. After all, we are in the last year of university.

  Reporter Corning Sun Hong reports from Quanzhou, Fujian

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]