Local products are served in the canteen, here in the Liberté school in Rennes. - C. Allain / APEI / 20 Minutes

  • At the start of the school year, the vegetarian diet will gain in consistency in the canteens in Rennes.
  • For the 800 children registered on the meatless diet, a daily vegetarian alternative will be offered.
  • The city already serves a vegetarian meal to all children each week and plans to introduce a second during the term.

Eat organic, local and without too much animal protein. Since 2017 and the adoption of a sustainable food plan by the city, the content of the plates has evolved well in the Rennes canteens. This plan notably provided for the introduction of 20% of organic and sustainable products and a 50% reduction in food waste. Three years later, these objectives have been "largely exceeded", according to the mayor Nathalie Appéré, with "28% organic products, more than 40% sustainable products and 55% less food waste".

Meat and fish also disappeared from the plates one day a week with a vegetarian meal served to all the children attending the canteen. At the start of the school year, this diet will gain even more consistency since a vegetarian alternative will now be offered daily in school restaurants. “But it will not be à la carte,” warns Ludovic Brossard, the elected official responsible for sustainable food in the city of Rennes. Only children registered at the start of the school year on the “meatless” diet will in fact be offered a daily vegetarian meal, ie around 800 children.

A free afternoon tea at the daycare

"We will be vigilant that the nutritional contribution is equivalent with a meal mixing legumes and cereals", specifies Ludovic Brossard. The city does not intend to stop there and is already planning to offer a second weekly vegetarian meal to all children by the end of the mandate, as is already the case in Lille in particular.

For the sake of “social justice”, the city of Rennes will also offer this year a free snack for elementary school students who attend daycare in the evening. Already in force for children in kindergarten, this measure will first be tested with 2,300 children in the fall before being generalized to all schools in the city in early 2021.


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Nearly 14,500 students expected at the start of the school year

Tuesday morning for the start of the school year, nearly 14,500 students are expected in the 83 public schools in the city of Rennes. The increase in enrollment observed for several years is therefore confirmed with nearly 300 more students than last year.

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