Jean-Eric Branaa, specialist in the United States, analyzes for Europe 1 the speech of Donald Trump, who officially accepted his nomination Thursday by the Republican Party for the presidential election in November. For him, the billionaire's "broken down" campaign "does not work".


On Thursday, US President Donald Trump formally accepted the Republican Party's nomination for a second term, portraying his Democratic rival Joe Biden as a threat to "America's greatness." Jean-Eric Branaa, specialist in the United States and lecturer at Panthéon-Assas, returns for Europe 1 on this speech which, according to him, seeks to "darken the picture" but "does not work".

Campaign "totally down"

"We could add in subtitles, 'After me the flood': we are used to these slogans at election time. In reality, we have a totally schizophrenic campaign, since Donald Trump has no cap ! ", analyzes the researcher, in reaction to this speech which closed the Republican convention Thursday.

"He is facing a divided country and hesitates between the darkness of his enemies and the clarity that will bring him since he has all the solutions ... What we had last night was the attempt of a another reset in this campaign which is not working - it is at least the 15th in a year -, and Trump is struggling to restart this campaign which is totally down. "

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Trump "doesn't know how to attack Biden"

"No one will be safe in Biden's America," Trump said in his speech, criticisms that seem very strange to the specialist in the United States. "It seems very strange, when we talk about Biden, that he tries to present a like a dangerous Communist, the knife between the teeth, which will bring chaos on America", noted Jean-Eric Branaa.

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"Biden, the one Sanders denounced as being too moderate for too long, almost a Republican; Biden, whom all of America has known for 50 years! In reality, Donald Trump doesn't know how to attack this man: he turns around, constantly looking for arguments, but he can't. So he has to blacken the table and settle for slogans, because, and this is the novelty this year, he has no program. "