China News Service, August 28. According to the Greek "China-Greece Times" report, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, Greece and Turkey have temporarily closed air communication lines. However, a few days ago, on a plane from Istanbul to Manchester, a passenger suddenly lost control and made a fuss about the flight. Due to the sudden incident, the Greek side made an exception to allow the flight to make an emergency landing at Corfu Airport in Greece.

  The accident occurred on the evening of August 26 local time. At the time of the incident, the flight was in normal flight conditions. A drunk Turkish passenger suddenly lost control and knocked on the cockpit door desperately. Upon hearing the news, the crew and other passengers immediately stopped them and subdued them. Subsequently, the crew activated the "emergency" signal.

  According to reports, the plane was carrying 220 passengers. Because there has never been a precedent, the Greek police and civil defense officials, after consulting with the Greek National Public Health Organization (EODY), allowed only the passengers who caused the accident to disembark and arrest them.

  Subsequently, the aircraft was allowed to continue to complete the flight plan. (Zhang Wei)