Opening up is the only way for a country to prosper and develop. my country has always adhered to the basic national policy of opening up.

  In the face of the complicated international situation and the still severe global epidemic, “the new development pattern is by no means a closed domestic cycle, but an open domestic and international double cycle.” “We must comprehensively raise the level of opening up to the outside world and build a higher level of openness. The new economic system forms new advantages in international cooperation and competition." Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping once again declared my country's determination to persist in opening up.

  Regardless of investigations and important meetings, in this special year, Xi Jinping has always advocated maintaining the policy pace of expanding and opening up, adhering to the belief and stance of win-win cooperation, and advancing towards the "14th Five-Year Plan" period in the spirit of "carrying out reform and opening up to the end" A new stage of economic and social development. CCTV's "Lianbo +" column sorts out relevant expositions and learns with you.

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