Prime Minister Abe officially announces the resignation of the Prime Minister at a press conference on August 28 at 17:23

At a press conference, Prime Minister Abe officially announced his intention to resign as Prime Minister, saying that the ulcerative colitis of chronic illness has recurred and he is no longer able to confidently respond to the public's commission.

At the press conference, Prime Minister Abe referred to his own health condition after explaining the future response of the new coronavirus.

Among them, Prime Minister Abe said, ``I was told that there are signs of recurrence of chronic ulcerative colitis at the regular medical examination in June this year, and I was doing my best while using drugs, but from the middle of last month , The physical condition has changed, and my physical strength has been exhausted. In the beginning of this month, a recurrence was confirmed."

Regarding future treatment, ``I decided to receive new drugs in addition to the current drug, and a retest on 24th this week confirmed the effect of the drug, but it requires continuous prescription, Is unacceptable."

He added, "In politics, the most important thing is to produce results. In the pain of illness, medical treatment, and lack of physical strength, important political decisions may be wrong, and the results may not be achieved. We have decided that we should not continue to hold the position of prime minister because we are no longer able to confidently respond to the responsibilities of the people. We will resign from the post of prime minister." Officially announced his intention to resign as Minister.

In addition, regarding the timing of deciding to resign, due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, it was said that "I was worried about", and the spread of infection after July began to decrease, looking ahead to winter He explained that "it is only at this timing to move to the new system" because the measures were put together.

He then apologized to all the people for leaving their jobs in the coronary turmoil, saying, "I have various policies in the process of being realized, and I sincerely apologize." It was a pity that I couldn't solve it because of the peace treaty with Russia, the constitutional amendment, and half aspiration, leaving the job is a dead end."

On the other hand, he presented his thoughts on his duties until the next Prime Minister was appointed.