Aïcha was the victim of racism in her in-laws. Her husband's children insulted her and even threatened to kill her. At the microphone of Olivier Delacroix, on "La Libre antenna" of Europe 1, Aïcha tells that, since the death of her husband, her stepchildren have tormented her about the succession.


Aïcha is of Tunisian origin and married a Frenchman. She was the victim of racism in her in-laws. She says her husband's children insulted her and even threatened to kill her. Since her husband passed away, things have turned sour with her stepchildren over the estate. At the microphone of "La Libre antenne" on Europe 1, Aïcha tells Olivier Delacroix the racism that his in-laws have subjected him to. 

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“My husband's name was Pierre. He came to spend his vacation in Tunisia in 1978. I was still young and beautiful. We met and exchanged. He gave me his address. A little while later, I wrote to him. The first time he welcomed me into his home I stayed for three weeks. I didn't think I was going to marry him and have a family, because he was 30 years older than Me. He was 55 and I was 25. 

My father and my brother beat me. They burned my papers so that I wouldn't go away and marry Pierre. We went to the French consulate in Tunis to make a marriage contract. The wedding day was hell. My brother had been drinking and he was threatening everyone. He said to me: "Never set foot here again, otherwise I will cut off your head". I followed my husband, we went back to France. After that I got pregnant. My daughter was born in February 1983. 

" I had to recognize my child in my name "

When my mother-in-law found out that I was married to her son, it was the cross and the banner. I didn't know that Pierre had children. When his son found out I was pregnant, he said, "We need to vacuum it." My mother-in-law ordered my husband and told him not to recognize our daughter. I had to recognize my child in my name. She bore my name until she was 17 months old. I saw all the colors with them.

Pierre's children called me "la bougnoule". They were like, "You have to go home. All daddy has is ours." They were very mean. In 38 years, I have only seen them once. It ended badly because my daughter-in-law threatened to kill me. We were at the table and the children said: "We must put all the Arabs in a bag and drown them." My husband didn't say anything. He was hitting me under the table, it meant "shut up".

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My mother-in-law used to say to me: "All that belongs to my grandchildren, your child will have nothing." I was angry with my husband. He took a lawyer. My baby had to be blood tested to prove that it was Pierre's child. All for the inheritance. After my husband got sick. He passed away on August 25, 2017. They all bother me with the estate. I've been through it so much that sometimes I want to fuck myself up. I am the only one to go to his grave. 

I live in Pierre's house. He made a donation between spouses. I have one half of the house and the children have the other half. They are pressed. Her children would like me to be on the streets. I worked, I improved a lot of things in this house. I cleaned all the houses in my neighborhood. I am proud of myself. My daughter also wants her share of the inheritance. She lives at my expense. My daughter tells me that I only stayed with Pierre for the money. I have nobody. I'm fighting on my own. "