Muriel Pénicaud, at the Elysée on June 17, 2020. - Gonzalo Fuentes / AP / SIPA

Thanked in July when Jean Castex was appointed to Matignon, Muriel Pénicaud did not remain unemployed for long. The former Minister of Labor was appointed on Wednesday as permanent representative of France to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This appointment, endorsed by the Council of Ministers on the proposal of Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, will take effect on September 28.

Part of a career in the private sector

Muriel Pénicaud, 65, will therefore not return to the private sector where she has spent part of her career, in particular as HR Director at the agri-food giant Danone, before joining the government of Édouard Philippe in May 2017. She has also was Martine Aubry's advisor at the Ministry of Vocational Training in the early 1990s, after starting a career in local authorities.

His name will remain attached to the first reform of Emmanuel Macron's five-year term, that of work orders, carried out in a flash and without much social protest in 2017. Muriel Pénicaud, who defines himself as both “social and liberal”, then followed by a reform of apprenticeship and vocational training as well as the first measures on unemployment insurance. It was not renewed in July to shield the coronavirus crisis despite an eco-social approach deemed "in line" with that of the Head of State.

The # COVID19 pandemic is causing a much more serious #employment crisis than the one that followed the 2008 financial crisis.

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- OECD (@OCDE_en) August 25, 2020

The OECD, which has its headquarters in Paris and brings together mainly developed countries, has an essentially advisory role but has been able to make itself useful on the very technical site of the fight against tax evasion or by publishing long-awaited reports, such as that of school systems evaluations (Pisa).


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