From December 1, access to the Rennes metro will no longer be free with gates that will be put into service. - J. Gicquel / 20 Minutes

  • Delayed with the coronavirus epidemic, the commissioning of metro line B in Rennes should take place in June.
  • By then, a new ticketing system will have been put into service on the Star network.
  • All metro stations will therefore be equipped with gates in order to reduce fraud.

Its opening was announced on December 21, just before Christmas. But the Covid-19 crisis has happened there, upsetting the entire calendar. It is now in the spring that the second metro line will be inaugurated in Rennes, probably "in June", according to Matthieu Theurier, new vice-president of the metropolis in charge of transport. In the meantime, the Star network is preparing to experience major changes in the coming months, notably with the implementation of a new ticketing system.

  • The gates activated on December 1 in the metro

Rennes was until now the last French city to still have an open metro. But on December 1, this exception will end with the entry into service of anti-fraud gates in all stations on line A.

The ready-to-use anti-fraud gates in the #Rennes metro.
A little Parisian air!

- Loick Guellec (@loick_guellec) August 11, 2020

In the process of being installed, these gates still irritate environmentalists who see them as "a barrier to accessibility" and denounce the cost of equipment (7.5 million euros to equip the two lines). The main objective remains to lower the fraud rate, which is currently 9.5%. With the gates, elected officials hope to bring it down to 7%.

  • A rechargeable ticket instead of the paper ticket

Still on December 1, the paper ticket will bow out in buses and the metro with the commissioning of new validators. It will be replaced by a contactless, rechargeable ticket.

The paper ticket will be replaced by a rechargeable ticket from December 1. - J. Gicquel / 20 Minutes

Equipped with a chip, the new ticket, which will cost 10 euro cents when it is initially purchased, can be loaded with different formulas (single ticket, day pass, ten trips, etc.). For subscriptions, however, users will continue to use their Korrigo card.

  • Soon free for children under 12

It was one of the flagship measures of Nathalie Appéré's campaign during the municipal elections. In October, the elected representatives of Rennes Métropole will have to decide on reduced pricing for those under 26 in transport and on free access for those under 12 (compared to 6 currently). If the deliberation is adopted, the tariff measure could be put in place "from the month of December", assures Matthieu Theurier.

  • On-demand bus stops after midnight

The experiment initially concerned a few lines before perhaps being generalized throughout the network. From January, the Star buses will test the stop on demand on Friday and Saturday evening after midnight. Users, especially women, will be able to ask the driver to stop outside of ordinary stops to bring them closer to their homes. A device which should make it possible to "reassure people who do not feel safe when they return home" according to Matthieu Theurier, who also sees it as "a tool for gender equality".


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