• The remains of Joel discovered by a volunteer, an expert on the Nebrodi
  • Caronia, the researches of Joel. Gathering of volunteers at the base camp
  • Caronia drama. Prosecutor: maybe died together. Research controversy
  • The case of Caronia. The lawyer: Viviana did not kill herself and did not kill Joel
  • Caronia, Tuesday the autopsy on Joel
  • Caronia: Joel postponed to tomorrow autopsy. Dj's dad: "Superficial research"
  • Giallo di Caronia: Joel was possibly fatally injured in the accident on the A20


27 August 2020New inspection, this morning, in the woods of Caronia (Messina), to look for other remains of little Gioele, the 4-year-old boy found lifeless last August 19 by a volunteer in the area, a retired policeman who is a good connoisseur of the woods of the Nebrodi.

To help the scientific police who will carry out the inspection near the place of the discovery, the firefighters - as decided by the Procurator of Patti Angelo Vittorio Cavallo - have cleared some areas full of vegetation.

Yesterday the autopsy on the baby's remains began, but we are still too far from data that allow a reliable reconstruction: according to the medical examiners it is very difficult to operate on that little body, the remains are too compromised, moreover torn apart by wild animals.

Also yesterday, from the analysis carried out by the Scientific Police of Palermo on the car of the Turin DJ, the hypothesis - despite the contrary testimony of the two northern tourists - that Gioele may have died in the collision between their car and a van along the Messina-Palermo motorway, on the morning of last August 3 when Viviana left the village of Venetico with her son. The medical examiners, however, would have found spots or blood clot inside the skull of the little one that could lead to the accident track and that is the one in which Gioele died in the car crash under the tunnel and that his mother Viviana then decided to get on the trellis to get it over with.

Gioele's father Daniele Mondello, through one of his family lawyers, still points the finger at the organization of the searches and the delay with which the body of his son and also that of the mother was found, according to the images provided from a drone used for research, it was evident at the foot of the pylon already on the morning of August 4 at 10.15, the day after the disappearance. Unable to find traces of fingerprints on the trellis due to the metal material it is made of.

However, it will still take many days 'at least 90' - says the Prosecutor of Patti - to get hold of other information and above all those of histological tests on autopsies.