Former and. about. The head of US intelligence, Richard Grenell, during the National Convention of the Republican Party, said that the case of "conspiracy" of the Trump team with Russia was based on false information. Meanwhile, according to the politician, the Democrats “still blame” Moscow for the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections.

“As Acting Director of National Intelligence, I saw the entire Democratic collusion case with Russia in its entirety, and what I saw was simply disgusting,” Grenell said.

According to him, the previous leadership of the United States organized surveillance of the Republican campaign and intimidated intelligence officers.

“The administration of (Barak. - RT ) Obama and (Joseph. - RT ) Biden secretly launched an operation to spy on Trump's headquarters and silenced many of the brave intelligence officers who opposed. They passed off fabricated information as facts. They lied to the judges. And then they classified everything that could undermine their accusations, ”Grenell said.

In addition, as noted by the former acting the head of national intelligence, after Trump's victory in the election, instead of "continuing the American tradition and helping the president-elect to take things in the White House," the Democrats tried to "create even more difficulties for him."

“Three weeks before the inauguration, former Vice President Joe Biden asked intelligence officials to disclose classified information about the man who was to become President Trump's national security adviser. Here they are, the methods of the Democrats. By resorting to surveillance, to classifying information, to leaking it into the press and to nominating puppet candidates, they do not want the American people to know who runs everything, ”he stressed.

We will remind, Richard Grenell was appointed acting. head of national intelligence in February this year and left this post in May. He now continues to serve as the United States' special envoy for the peace talks between Serbia and Kosovo.

  • Former acting US chief of intelligence Richard Grenell during the Republican National Convention
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"Elementary and fundamental mistakes"

We will remind, in December 2019, the US Department of Justice published a report, which reported on the investigation that the FBI carried out against the Trump team during the 2016 presidential election campaign. The intelligence mission was to find out if the presidential candidate had any connections with Moscow.

The Justice Department document also noted that in the work on the case, the FBI officers made numerous "elementary and fundamental mistakes", which raised "serious questions" for the work of the leadership of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

As an example of such errors, the Justice Department pointed to the use of dubious sources by the FBI specialists, in particular, the dossier on Trump, compiled by ex-British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. At the same time, the largest violation consisted of providing the court with a fake letter from Trump's headquarters foreign policy adviser Carter Page, the Justice Department said in a report.

After the publication of the document, US Attorney General William Barr noted that the FBI investigation was "intrusive" and took place on "the most subtle suspicions", which are "insufficient to justify the steps taken." This is stated in the official statement of the head of the US Department of Justice.

Donald Trump, in turn, called the FBI surveillance of his campaign staff "an attempt to overthrow" the head of the White House. Speaking to reporters, the American president said that the representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation were "caught red-handed." 

At the same time, the report of the Ministry of Justice is not the only evidence of the possible bias of the FBI.

Former FBI lawyer Kevin Klinsmith admitted in court last week that four years ago he falsified the text of an email used as a pretext to investigate the US presidential candidate and his staff's "connections" with Russia. 

It is worth noting that the US intelligence services have constantly accused and continue to accuse Moscow of interfering in the 2016 American election process. The investigation into the alleged "collusion" of Trump and his headquarters with Russia was conducted for two years by a commission of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, but no evidence of this was found.

Trump himself has repeatedly vehemently denied such suspicions. Russia, in turn, called such attacks against itself groundless.

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"For the purpose of internal political struggle"

As the director of the Franklin Roosevelt Foundation for the Study of the United States at Moscow State University Yuri Rogulyov notes, it was no coincidence that Grenell's accusation against the Obama and Biden administration was voiced right now, shortly before the elections.

Former acting The head of US intelligence wants to remind Trump's electorate "of the deliberate actions of Democrats and intelligence agencies, in particular the FBI employees, who understood that the information they provided was not credible and was not evidence, but nevertheless continued to build their" investigation "on them.

“And this is a rather serious violation. Republicans expect Grenell's statements to have a strong impact on voters. And the closer we get to the elections, the more we will hear such facts, testifying to the misconduct of intelligence and past US authorities in relation to Trump and his campaign headquarters. The Republican Party has not yet laid out all its trump cards, it will soon show new ones. And, of course, information, including information about Biden, will be fired in a big salvo, ”the expert said in a conversation with RT.

According to Konstantin Blokhin, a researcher at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the corresponding statement by Grenell is intended, among other things, to show that Trump is faced with "permanent attempts by the Democratic Party to discredit him."

“The words of the former acting The heads of national intelligence once again prove that internal political strife in the United States can reach the highest degree of absurdity. In addition, even more awkward fakes may appear, ”the expert predicted.

In turn, Rogulyov does not exclude that, based on the testimony of Grenell against Biden, a trial may be initiated.

  • Joe Biden Former Vice President
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“However, there is no need to expect legal consequences for the former vice president. After all, if the FBI committed any other violations during the investigation, the department will want to hide it in order to protect the honor of the uniform, and at the same time cover Biden, ”the analyst said.

Nevertheless, for the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, "this whole story with Grenell's testimonies can result in serious image losses," Rogulyov said.

“In any case, Biden is in an awkward position. If he knew about the falsifications during the investigation, then it turns out that he covered it up. If the former vice president begins to deny, then he will look like a person with whom they do not consult or share important information. In any case, Biden will be in trouble, ”the expert concluded.