Madrid (AFP)

"Lionel Messi informed us that he was not going to show up for training," FC Barcelona sporting director Ramon Planes told reporters on Wednesday, assuring that Barça is looking "for the best solution for the club and for Messi" in this early divorce.

"Messi communicated to us that he was not going to show up for training," Ramon Planes announced on the sidelines of the presentation of Portuguese rookie Trincao, while the workforce must pass the PCR tests for the coronavirus on Sunday before resuming the training Monday.

"But all exchanges will remain between the two parties (the club and the player) and we will not communicate on what is being said, out of respect, because we are putting all our efforts in this dialogue", cut the technical secretary of the Barça, equivalent to the post of sports director in the Catalan club.

"You have to have enormous respect for what Messi is and for his history. We don't think of any clause in his contract. Messi's marriage to Barça has brought a lot to both (the club and the player), a lot of joy to the supporters and, internally, we are working to convince Messi, to find the best solution for Barça and for Messi ", underlined Planes during this virtual press conference, Wednesday at midday.

"This is not an argument between Messi and Barca, neither deserves it. We are working to build a winning Barca. There is no division within the club over Leo (Messi). football geek wants him to stay here to win again. He's a winner, "continued the manager.

"We see Messi as a Barca player. Today Trincao arrives, and we hope he will triumph alongside Messi. Barca have rebuilt themselves several times in their history, and they have always come back more powerful. Our idea it is to do it once again, around the best player in the world ", repeated the sporting director, who does not lose hope of retaining the superstar at the club.

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