Adjusted to consider the "Reform Nakamichi" route in the Confluence New Party Philosophy document 4:27, August 27

The Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party, which have reached a basic agreement on the formation of the Confluence New Party, are considering the inclusion of a wording that takes into account the “reform middle road” route advocated by the National Democratic Party in the document of a shared philosophy that is put together with the Union. Attention is paid to whether or not a careful understanding of private unions can be obtained.

Regarding the formation of the confluent new party, it is said that the plan of the new party does not reflect the "reform middle road" line advocated by the National Democratic Party and that "a zero nuclear power society will be realized as soon as possible" Private unions that support the National Democratic Party oppose and call for amendments.

On the other hand, both parties say that it is difficult to revise the draft plan, but they are making adjustments to reflect the opposition of trade unions in the document of the shared philosophy, which is compiled with the Union.

Specifically, we stipulate a wording that considers the National Democratic Party's "reform middle road" route as "to respect the spirit of the middle road to do deliberation", and the expression "zero nuclear power" is not included in the energy policy. It is based on scientific knowledge without falling into binary confrontational thinking."

The Constitutional Democratic Party, the National Democratic Party, and the Coalition, as soon as they are coordinated, will decide to publish the document, and it will be noted whether they can understand the unions that are cautious about merging and the legislators who receive support from these unions.