Chinanews, August 25. According to Korea Broadcasting International (KBS), since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in South Korea in February 2020, the country's prosecutors have so far prosecuted more than 350 cases that impede epidemic prevention.

  South Korea’s Grand Prosecutor’s Office stated on the 24th that the prosecutors prosecuted a total of 354 cases of obstructing the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic as of 9 am local time on the 24th. Among them, the most prosecuted cases for violations of the "Infectious Disease Prevention Law" such as violating assembly prohibitions, refusal of epidemiological investigations, and non-compliance with quarantine measures, totaled 300.

  In addition, there were 87 cases of spreading false information or false declarations on the new crown epidemic, of which 38 were prosecuted. There were 16 cases of civil servants being prosecuted for leaking official secrets or personal information related to the new crown epidemic.

  In addition, South Korean police began a formal investigation into the spread of false information about the new crown epidemic.

  The National Police Agency’s Internet search team stated that someone had spread some false information on video websites and other places and is currently conducting an internal investigation. The police also launched an investigation into the incident that Quan Guangyan, the pastor of the "Love First" church, claimed to have suffered a "new crown virus terrorist attack" on video websites and other places.