Defense Minister Chung Gyeong-doo has held an emergency key commander meeting with the command of each military headquarters, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as typhoon'Bobby' heads north, the Ministry of Defense said.

At a meeting held on the afternoon of the 24th, Jung gave instructions to prevent damage to the military and maintain the safety of soldiers.

In particular, as the ground has weakened due to the recent torrential rains, it has been instructed to perform emergency repairs to existing damaged areas and to evacuate personnel within the area at risk of typhoons, bind ships, aircraft, and ground facilities, and to evacuate.

Each discharged commander was asked to take countermeasures to prevent vulnerabilities from occurring in the current alert posture.

Units that are providing support to the public in areas affected by torrential rains such as Gurye, Jeollanam-do and Hadong, Gyeongnam, have given priority to support for strong wind damage prevention construction and then asked to return to their garrison or safety zone before entering the typhoon affected area.

The Ministry of National Defense plans to operate a'disaster and crisis management organization' for each discharge centered on the Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters, and, if necessary, upgrade the stage of operation of the Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters early.

(Photo = courtesy of the Ministry of Defense, Yonhap News)