Basic agreement to form a new party for independent people, citizens, and independent parties For specific schedule discussions August 25, 5:08

The Constitutional Democratic Party, the National Democratic Party, and the two independent parliamentary groups have reached a basic agreement to join and form a new party, and will continue to discuss specific schedules for the party, including the representative election.

In addition to the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party, Former Prime Minister Noda and the Secretary-General of the independent parliamentary group led by former Deputy Prime Minister Okada each signed a basic agreement to join and form a new party. ..

However, due to the ongoing coordination within the National Democratic Party regarding the cautious response to lawmakers, it was not possible to determine a concrete schedule for the party, such as an election to decide the representative of the new party.

In the future, we plan to proceed with discussions while also monitoring the status of coordination within the National Democratic Party.

On the other hand, the union that supports the National Democratic Party has voiced opposition, such as the fact that “the zero nuclear power plant society will be realized as soon as possible” is clearly stated in the draft plan of the confluent new party.

The Constitutional Democratic Party is negative about amendment of the constitutional bill, but Secretary-General Fukuyama said, "There are things that must be taken into consideration to create a large lump." Is it possible to include opinions in ", etc." and it is expected that adjustments will be made.