Corona confirmed cases continue to increase in various European countries that seemed to be quiet outside the country. I am getting sick after opening the border to receive tourists during the summer vacation season.

This is Jung Joon-hyung. 


It is a beach in central Italy.

People who have escaped from the heat are enjoying the sea without wearing masks.

[Local residents: People are not careful. At night, nightclubs do not wear masks. It will pay a high price.]

Corona 19, which had shown a lull in Italy, is rapidly re-proliferating.

The number of new confirmed cases per day surpassed 1,000 for the first time in three months since the blockade was lifted in May.

Especially in the last week, it has tripled, showing a steep increase.

In Germany, the number of new confirmed cases exceeded 2,000 per day, the most common in four months. Thousands of new cases were poured from all over Europe.

In May, the number of confirmed cases surged due to increased mobility during the summer vacation season, while European countries' blockades were lifted.

In India, the cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeded 3 million with the number of new confirmed cases approaching 70,000 for four consecutive days.

In the United States, where the cumulative number of confirmed cases is approaching 6 million, a memorial service was held for the victims.

[Rally Participant: President Trump acts as if Corona 19 doesn't exist. All the measures he has taken are made not to help us, but to kill.] The

cumulative corona 19 cases around the world exceeded 23 million and the death toll exceeded 800,000.

The number of cumulative deaths doubled in just two months after surpassing 400,000 in June.

(Video editing: Jo Moo-hwan)