• From telenovela. Evo Morales' soap opera: a young woman, a "resurrected" baby and a reelection
  • Family: Evo Morales' daughter, whom he recognized at age seven, obtains a safe conduct

The death by coronavirus of Esther Morales Ayma, the only sister of former President Evo, has caused a strong controversy in Bolivia amid the pandemic and the roadblocks imposed by radicals. "It hurts me not to say goodbye to my sister, who was a mother to me, to thank her for her love, her honesty and courage accompanying me and suffering even arrests for asking for my freedom," complained the indigenous leader from his exile in Argentina.

A controversy that contains several disputes and that summarizes the state of social and political upheaval that the Andean country suffers two months before the presidential elections. "Why so much hatred, racism and political persecution prevent me from seeing, for the last time, my only sister. History will judge," accused Morales, who also works as a campaign manager in the distance of the Movement to Socialism (MAS).

Evo criticized the alleged refusal of the Government of Jeanine Áñez to return to her country for the burial, but Minister Arturo Murillo, a strong man of the provisional Government, replied that no impediment was exercised for such a trip. "He is a coward because he tries to victimize himself before the world. The only thing that persecutes Morales is his conscience, " he stressed. The Bolivian Prosecutor's Office has issued several arrest warrants against Morales, the most serious for terrorism and sedition.

One of the first to blame the former president for his regrets was Manfred Reyes, former mayor of Cochambaba and former governor. "I remember having lost my mother, whom I loved without measure, being prevented from returning to Bolivia precisely on Evo's orders. It was Morales who was in charge of inventing political causes against me, with trials without rhyme or reason, preventing me from accompanying to my mother in her last days, "recalled Reyes, who returned from exile after Evo's fall.

Without oxygen

Officialists and followers of the MAS have also accused each other after knowing the death of Esther Morales. The former accuse those who block the roads for preventing oxygen from reaching hospitals in the midst of the COVID wave, including the Oruro medical center, where the former president's sister died. On the other hand, opponents accuse the Government of the poor sanitary conditions in the country to face the pandemic. One of the main scandals in recent months, which cost the former Health Minister his post and provisional jail for weeks, was that of Spanish respirators bought at a premium. As of today, 95 of these devices do not appear.

And from controversy to controversy. The Government of La Paz announced on Thursday a new complaint for rape, trafficking and human trafficking against Evo Morales for allegedly maintaining relations with a minor. N. M, 19 years old today, was 14 when he met the then president, according to the investigations carried out by the Deputy Minister of Transparency, Guido Melgar.

He is currently her sentimental partner. According to the local press, the young woman assures that she previously had a friendly relationship but "with different treatment."

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