Former US Vice President Joe Biden announced acceptance of the Democratic Party’s nomination for him to run for the presidency next November, and Senator Kamala Harris announced her acceptance of the party’s nomination for the post of vice president if Biden wins.

At the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention, Biden delivered a speech to the American people from Wilmington, Delaware, in which he promised a national strategy to combat the Corona epidemic starting from the "first day" of his mandate, and he also promised to overcome "this dark phase in America."

Biden also promised to build the economy and focus on jobs, as well as turn the page on "fear" and "divisions", in reference to President Donald Trump's term in office.

Biden added, "I will not tolerate any outside interference in our elections."

Harris announced in a speech addressed to the General Conference of the Democratic Party on its third day that she would accept the candidacy, accusing Trump of failing to lead the country, and considered that this caused the loss of lives and jobs for many Americans.

Trump said in a speech in Pennsylvania that the Democrats can only succeed in the upcoming elections through fraud, considering that Biden failed to create jobs while he was Vice President, and if he wins, he will eliminate the shale oil sector, he said.

For his part, Director of the American Center for Counterintelligence and Security Bill Evanina said that countries such as China, North Korea, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Iran are trying to influence the upcoming elections, to achieve their vision and protect their interests in the United States, and he also accused these countries of trying to sow discord and discord in his country.