Greta talks with German Chancellor Merkel calling for strengthening global warming measures August 21 5:11

Swedish 17-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg met with German Chancellor Merkel, calling for climate change to be a crisis, and calling for stronger measures.

Greta met with Prime Minister Merkel in Berlin, Germany, for an hour and a half together with three representatives of "Friday for the Future," a campaign to fight global warming, on the 20th.

According to the announcement of the German government, the meeting talked about the EU-European goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero by 2050, and the efforts towards that goal, and helped developed countries solve global warming. It means that they have agreed that they have a special responsibility towards.

Mr Greta, who held a press conference after the talks, pointed out that Prime Minister Merkel, while being kind and friendly, has a great responsibility to take measures against global warming. He said, "I want leaders to take responsibility and treat climate change as a crisis. Have the courage to step out from a comfortable place."

“Friday for the future”, which started with Mr. Greta, gained worldwide support mainly among young people, but the momentum of activity is slowing due to the influence of the new coronavirus. We are planning a global action for the first time since the spread of the virus on the 25th of next month, and hope to regain momentum for measures against global warming.