A special room for each patient and modern technologies

Comprehensive development of "intensive care" in Dubai Hospital

Al-Qatami during his visit to the hospital. From the source

The Dubai Health Authority has completed a comprehensive development targeting the surgical intensive care department at Dubai Hospital, in addition to increasing the department’s capacity, after the increase in demand for high-quality and high-quality services provided by the hospital to patients in this section specifically.

The capacity of the surgical intensive care department reached 13 beds, designated only for adult patients, after the capacity did not exceed nine beds for adults and children together.

This came within the comprehensive development and expansion work that the authority is conducting in its medical facilities, to accommodate any increase in the demand for its services.

During his visit to Dubai Hospital, yesterday, the Director General of the Authority, Humaid Muhammad Al Qatami, was briefed on the development work in the surgical intensive care department, which also included providing the department with the latest technologies and high-quality, accurate equipment, in addition to providing a distinctive hospitalization climate commensurate with the health conditions of critical cases.

In addition to increasing the capacity and equipment, the development and expansion work in the same department included the provision of a group of rooms for the basic requirements of doctors and doctors on duty in the specialty (heart and intensive care), to enhance the rapid response of doctors to patients around the clock, seven days a week, in addition to special rooms for storing medicines And medical equipment. The Health Authority took into account the patient's privacy and the circumstances of each case in the surgical intensive care department, as each patient had his own separate room equipped with the latest technology. During his inspection visit, Al-Qutami confirmed that the authority takes care of the patient and every disease case most of its attention, pointing to the special health condition of the sick cases in the intensive care department, and the authority's keenness to provide the capabilities that preserve the patients' safety and lives, and at the same time ensure their comfort and privacy. He explained that the specialized work teams based on development in the authority include competencies of specialized doctors and engineers and administrators, who work diligently to ensure that the development is comprehensive and integrated and achieves superior medical care for patients, and also achieves their happiness.

He explained that the authority will spare no effort in serving people, maintaining their health and safety, and reaching a better health future.

- Al - Qutami: "Patient safety, health, comfort and privacy is a priority."

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