China News Service, August 20. According to a Reuters report, American aircraft manufacturer Boeing said on the 19th that the company had won the first order for the 737 MAX aircraft in 2020, and Polish Air Advance agreed to purchase four aircraft of this type.

Data map: On June 29, local time, in Seattle, Washington, USA, a Boeing 737 MAX plane landed after a test flight at Boeing Airport.

  The Boeing 737 MAX has been banned from flying around the world for more than a year after two crashes. The recertification process has not yet been completed. The impact of the new crown epidemic on air travel has exacerbated the aircraft manufacturer's plight.

  Boeing said last week that its customers cancelled orders for more than 400 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in 2020.

  Boeing said on the 19th that Polish Airlines has placed a new order for two 737-8 aircraft and has the option to purchase another two 737 MAX aircraft.

  "This is the first MAX order since December 2019, so it is of great significance, but it is only a small order... (Poland Forward Airlines) may have received a significant discount," S&P Global Ratings analyst K. Rees De Nicolò said.

  Progressive Polish Airlines stated that they have reached an agreement with Boeing to solve the problems caused by the grounding of the 737 MAX and will delay the delivery of previously ordered MAX aircraft due to weak air travel demand. The airline received two 737 MAX aircraft in 2018 and currently has four outstanding orders.