"The council and all community organizations in Indonesia consider that the normalization of relations between the UAE and Israel is a betrayal of the right of the struggle of the Muslim nation and the Palestinian people," said Muhyiddin Junaidi, vice president of the Council of Indonesian Scholars, responsible for external relations.

He added that this step greatly harms and tarnishes the unity of the Islamic nation, and violates the objectives of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which was founded in 1969 with the main aim of liberating Al-Aqsa Mosque, and for Jerusalem to be the capital of Palestine, and “but with this normalization, the Emirates indirectly violated the pledges and agreements signed by Leaders of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. "

Junaidi emphasized that the Emirati move is in the interest of Zionist Israel, harms the struggle of the Muslim peoples and the struggle of the Palestinian people, and makes it difficult to gain their freedom and establish their independent state.

He stated in an interview with Al-Jazeera that the countries that normalized their relations with Israel, such as Egypt and Jordan, have not reaped - in reality - any benefit so far, while Israel continued to commit genocide against the Palestinian people.

"We know that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are weaving conspiracies and attacking their brothers in Yemen, and we hope that the UAE will realize that what it is doing is in the interest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is under internal and external pressures."

He expressed his fear that the Emirati-Israeli normalization would affect other Gulf countries, rejecting what Abu Dhabi had been marketed to, that the move came in exchange for Israel abandoning a plan to annex lands from the occupied West Bank and the Palestinian valleys, saying that the UAE does not have this weight.

He stated that his country has been under pressure from Israel and its friends for its supportive stance on the Palestinian cause, stressing, "We will remain institutionalized and committed to the preamble of the country's 1945 constitution, which considers Israel an occupied state, and occupation or colonialism is incompatible with human civilization and the civilization of religious peoples."

Retno Marsudi: The solution to the Palestinian issue is based on the relevant United Nations resolutions and the two-state solution (Al-Jazeera)

The Indonesian foreign minister confirms her country's position.
The Indonesian foreign minister, Retno Marsudi, had published a number of tweets on her Twitter account a few days ago, commenting on a phone conversation she had with her Saudi counterpart Prince Faisal bin Farhan, saying that she confirmed that Indonesia's position is that "the solution to the Palestinian-Israeli issue must be resolved." To rely on the relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions and the vision of a two-state solution. "

In another tweet, she explained that she had received a phone call from the UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and she assured him of Indonesia's position regarding commitment to Security Council resolutions and the two-state solution.