Taiwan authorities A cyber attack from a Chinese hacker group August 19 19:15

A Taiwanese investigative agency has revealed a series of cyber attacks in which Chinese hacker groups have infiltrated the Taiwanese authorities' network, inspected the damage situation in detail, and is wary of further cyber attacks.

Taiwan's investigative agency and legal affairs investigation bureau held a press conference on the 19th, and a company entrusted with the development and management of the information system of the Taiwan authorities was cyber attacked by a hacker group and was illegally infiltrated into the authorities' network Announced that the incidents have continued one after another in Otoshito.

The intrusion was done via the IP address of the management company and the account for maintenance, and it is possible that at least 10 places, such as some departments of Taiwan authorities, universities and research institutes, have been invaded so far. Is that.

The Bureau has suspected the involvement of at least two Chinese hacker groups based on evidence of IP addresses in China and Hong Kong and programs used in the attack.

Taiwanese authorities are cautious about cyber attacks from China, which has a strong attitude toward Taiwan, as it receives approximately 30 million cyber attacks each month.