Human remains were discovered by a volunteer participating in the search to find Gioele, a 4-year-old boy missing since early August in Sicily, according to Italian media. 

Human remains belonging most likely to Gioele, a 4-year-old boy whose mysterious disappearance since August 3 in Sicily has held Italy in suspense, were discovered by a volunteer participating in the research, according to Italian media.

"A virtual certainty" that it is the child's body

"There is a virtual certainty that this is the body of Gioele" Mondello, said sources close to the investigation quoted Wednesday by the daily Il Corriere della Sera . According to these sources, it is the "trunk and a piece of femur compatible with those of a child of 4 years". This macabre news item began on August 3 when Viviana Parisi, 43-year-old DJ, and her son Gioele (the equivalent of Joël in French) disappeared. The mother was found dead on August 8, but her decaying body showed no visible wounds, bullet holes or stab wounds.

The mother and her son had been seen one last time on the side of the Palermo-Messina motorway (northern Sicily), after a minor collision in a tunnel. Viviana Parisi's body lay at the foot of a high-voltage pylon in a nearby forest in a mountainous area, near the town of Caronia. It was not far from there that the human remains were found on Wednesday shortly after noon.

A news item that filled the pages of all the Italian press

The prosecutor in charge of the Angelo Cavallo case went there, accompanied by investigators and a forensic doctor. According to the newspaper La Repubblica , "animals may have butchered" the body of the little boy. Viviana and Gioele disappeared after she told her husband to go buy shoes in a nearby town. She was not seen anywhere that morning, but her gray Opel Corsa was pictured on the highway, with the child aboard in her baby seat, apparently alive.

Shortly after her accident, the woman stopped her vehicle on the roadside, crossed the guardrail into the bush of Caronia. Two witnesses say they saw her then with her child in their arms. On Wednesday, all the Italian news channels immediately echoed this latest twist live, in this news item that filled the pages of all the press on the peninsula.