It seems that misfortunes do not leave the sky of Lebanon, as the "country of the cedars" has recorded in recent days, records of infection with the Coronavirus, adding another calamity to the plight of Beirut Port and the financial and economic crisis that has plagued Lebanon for months.

Sources of the Lebanese Ministry of Health told Al-Jumhuriya newspaper that, "According to the tables, the numbers indicate that in the first 6 months Lebanon recorded about 5,000 injuries, while more than 3,500 injuries were recorded since the date of the port explosion (August 4) until today." .

The sources added that "the explosion of the port and the transfer of patients to hospitals without following preventive measures resulted in the injury of a large number of medical staff and wounded in hospitals, while the high number of injuries in northern Lebanon, specifically in Tripoli and Akkar, was due to the mixing that occurred in the demonstrations." Martyrs' Square (Downtown Beirut) that followed the explosion. "

The sources confirm that the goal of the complete closure announced by the resigned government for a period of two weeks (21 this month to 7 next month) is to reduce friction between people except in Beirut, which needs reconstruction, as preventive measures will be strictly applied, including putting masks. The Ministry expects that the number of injuries will decrease, starting from the tenth day of the closure.

The sources pointed out that 70% of hospitals approved to receive people with Corona are completely filled.

During the past two weeks, Lebanon recorded record rates in the number of injuries, the latest of which was yesterday, as the Ministry of Health announced 421 injuries and two deaths, and since February 21, the total number of injuries increased to 9785 and deaths to 107.