China News Service, August 17th. According to a report by South American Overseas Chinese News Network, bioluminescence refers to chemical substances synthesized by cells that convert chemical energy into light energy under the action of a special enzyme. When the waves are surging at night, certain marine microorganisms can make the seawater appear radiant. From August 22, tourists can enjoy this magical glowing phenomenon of sea water by purchasing tourism services in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

  According to reports, the above-mentioned natural wonders can be enjoyed near the San Lucas Island, Guayabo Island Biological Reserve, Negritos Island, Cedros Island and other islands in Costa Rica. The most famous one is Yes. Lita Island. It takes no more than two hours from the capital San Jose to Puntarenas Pier, and it only takes 40 minutes to take a boat from the pier to Jezlita Island. After viewing, visitors can also choose to camp on the island.

  Starting from August 22, the Costa Rica National Tourism Board (ICT) will provide tourists with a two-day tour package. In addition to watching the glowing phenomenon of the sea, the service scope includes transportation from San Jose to Jezlita Island, dolphin watching and lunch.

  In the Gulf of Nicoya (Golfo de Nicoya) in the Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica, when thousands of microbes gather together, the sea seems to be "lighted up" by stars. The "Milky Way in the Water" under the curtain of night swallowed the faint lights on the cruise ship. The best way to appreciate it is to turn off the mobile phone and flashlight, and let yourself be completely immersed in this fairytale romantic atmosphere. The luminous spectacle of sea water is almost impossible to record with a camera. Only by seeing it with your own eyes can you truly feel its beauty.

  Juan Ramon Rivera, director of the Costa Rican Pacific Port Authority (INCOP) and chairman of the Puntarenas Tourism Promotion Committee (JPT), said: “Puntarenas is very close to the capital. It is also economical and affordable, so it is an ideal destination for traveling with the whole family. Tourists can always get a variety of high-quality experiences here. After experiencing the tension caused by the epidemic crisis, it is necessary to improve their happiness."