A Franco-Swiss border, during confinement. - F.Coffrini / AFP

Are the French neighbors responsible for its ills? The Swiss municipality of Boncourt (canton of Swiss Jura) is asking in any case to be able to close its borders with France at night in order to put an end to burglaries targeting its homes, announces L'Est Républicain . A small town of 1,300 inhabitants, Boncourt has the particularity of sharing a border with six French municipalities in the Territoire de Belfort.

Burglaries on the Swiss side have been multiplied by five since the reopening of the borders thanks to deconfinement. No coincidence according to Lionel Maître, the mayor of Boncourt, who had already made a request for nocturnal isolation at the end of 2019.

The canton of Jura then rejected this request and replied that it was not possible to close the cantonal roads at night. But he had not ruled out the possibility of closing the municipal roads. The mayor of Boncourt announces that he will renew the request to the Swiss authorities very soon.


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