Rumors abounded about the departure of Argentine star Lionel Messi from the Barcelona team, after the historic 8-2 defeat of the Blaugrana by Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the European Football League.

European newspapers reported the expected offers of Messi (33 years), most notably Inter Milan and Manchester City, who is likely to have the Spanish coach Pep Guardiola at the head of the coaching staff, due to his close relationship with Messi since he was coaching him in Barcelona and they achieved great achievements together.

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In fact, Messi will not move to any other club and will remain with Barcelona until his retirement from football, for these five reasons:

The first reason is that Messi's contract expires next summer, and the value of the penalty clause to break the contract is 700 million euros that Barcelona gets, which is an imaginary sum that may buy an entire star-studded team, given that the market value of the entire Barcelona team is 992 million euros.

Also, the club that will consider joining him must pay the highest-paid player in the world more than he gets in Barcelona, ​​and no club's treasury is currently able to pay huge sums as a result of the economic crisis that hit club budgets due to the Corona pandemic.

The unsuccessful experience of his opponent, Cristiano Ronaldo, after his departure from Real Madrid about two years ago, is a harsh practical lesson for Messi and the second reason for not leaving Barcelona, ​​as Ronaldo failed to achieve the Champions League title that Juventus dreams of, and he also failed to win any individual awards or global European during the two years after winning the Golden Ball as the best player in the world five times.

Frequent reports stated that Real Madrid's weight had a role in crowning Ronaldo with these prestigious awards, such as the weight of Barcelona, ​​who also won Messi with his shirt the Ballon d'Or six times, setting a record, and even last year he won the award at its lowest levels despite not achieving any title outside Spain .

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The third reason is that Messi differs from the rest of the players, including Ronaldo, as Messi did not wear in his life at the level of the first team anything but the Blaugrana shirt, and he joined the team since he was a youngster until he became a legend of the historical club, and after 16 years of tournaments and achievements, his departure may be at the age of 33 years Impossible, as he has only 3 seasons left in the stadiums.

Messi also saw how Ronaldo demolished a large part of his history with Real Madrid by leaving the club, which would have become his first legend if he ended his career with his shirt, especially as he moved to a technically troubled club and won only local titles.


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The fourth reason is the makeup of Messi himself, which was revealed by the former fitness coach of the Argentine soccer team, Fernando Signorini, by saying that the Argentine football fans are fully convinced that Messi will never leave Barcelona, ​​because he does not like adventure as did the legend Diego Maradona, who moved between Many clubs.

The Spanish newspaper MARCA quoted the statements of Signorini - who was a coach for Maradona and then worked with him in the coaching staff of the Argentine national team between 2008 and 2010 - in which he confirmed that Messi considers Barcelona his home, and it would not be wise to leave Catalonia at this stage of his career that I witnessed his maturity, whether for Inter Milan or any other club.

Signorini said that Messi's anger over Barcelona's decline could be remedied by strengthening the team with some players next season.

While the fifth reason is for Barcelona, ​​which will not give up Messi easily, which is what club president Josep Maria Bartomeu has said repeatedly that Messi will continue with Barcelona until his retirement.

It is no secret that Messi is an icon of the Catalan club as he achieves huge technical and material gains for the club, thanks to his goals, Barcelona became in control of the Spanish League title in the last 12 seasons with the beginning of Messi's brilliance, where he won the title 8 times in exchange for 3 titles for his rivals Real Madrid, the record holder for the coronation In the League, with 34 titles.

It is possible that the dismissal of the club's sporting director, Eric Abidal, today, Tuesday, is part of a series of decisions to satisfy Messi, who has been angry since the team's 8-2 defeat by Bayern Munich.