Will the government pile up those 30,000 decision-making jobs by the autumn budget brawl?

Minister of Labor Tuula Haatainen (sd) surprised at the SDP parliamentary group meeting by saying that the target of 30,000 additional employees is in the midst of the budget debate in the middle of next month.

- It is clear that in connection with the budget debate, we will look for those 30,000 certified additional employees, Haatainen said.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) has said that not everything should be decided in the budget debate, but that 30,000 additional employees will be piled up later in the autumn.

The government has been assisted in finding employment by seven working groups that have been in operation for more than a year. Tripartite working groups are still a long way from the target of 30,000 additional workers.

When IS asked Haatainen if the government would have an employment package of 30,000 additional employees in the budget debate four weeks from now, the Minister of Labor no longer promised this package.

- These decisions for the 30,000 additional jobs will be made. Of course, we are trying to get as much of this together as possible. If there are still 30,000 in the budget dispute, at least a view must be found, Haatainen replied to IS.

In addition to trade unions, the SDP and the Left Alliance have opposed, for example, the staggering of earnings-related unemployment insurance or the abolition of the pension pipeline as part of the government's employment package.

On Friday, officials at the Ministry of Finance presented their own ways to find 60,000 jobs. 30,000 of the additional employees would be obtained by blocking previous retirements, and 25,000 additional employees would be found, for example, by investing in active job search and employment services, as well as by earning earnings-related unemployment security.

- It's not a floor plan, but we'll go through them all, Haatainen said.

The SDP has pampered soft means of employment, such as wage subsidies, municipal experimentation and personalized job search services.

According to its program, the government is also looking at cuts and unemployment benefits.

- The fact that there are services to support the unemployed and we will also go through these caveats, and according to the government program, they will be made more reasonable, Haatainen said,

Minister of Labor Haatainen raised two new issues to promote employment.

According to Haatainen, youth unemployment has doubled during the coronary crisis, and the Minister of Labor has unveiled his thoughts on a youth employment bonus.

- One option we are currently considering is an employment bonus for the employment of a young person with no or inexperienced work experience. Job opportunities need to be created for young people. I also appeal to employers, Haatainen said.

Minister of Labor Haatainen also said that the government plans to take lessons from Sweden to help the hard-to-employ. In Sweden, Samhall has employed tens of thousands of hard-to-find people.