Israeli Prime Minister Motivated to realize a route that will fly over Saudi Arabia August 18 at 7:27

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wanted to launch a direct flight with UAE, the United Arab Emirates, which agreed to normalize diplomatic relations, and to realize a previously unapproved route over Saudi Arabia. The focus will be on Saudi Arabia, which has been at the center of the Arab nations that have been in conflict with Israel.

Israel and UAE have agreed to normalize diplomatic relations by intermediating the United States on the 13th of this month, aiming for direct flights.

``We are working to get a direct flight over Saudi Arabia from Tel Aviv to Dubai or Abu Dhabi,'' said Prime Minister Netanyahu in a visit to Tel Aviv's airport to visit. , Said it is negotiating with relevant authorities over the passage over Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is the center of the Arab countries that have been in conflict with Israel, and according to Reuters and other sources, Saudi authorities have not allowed aircraft to fly over Israel, except for the Indian airlines that entered service in 2018. ..

It seems that Prime Minister Netanyahu will be able to drastically shorten the flight time if a route over Saudi Arabia will be realized, and there is also a desire to get approval from Saudi Arabia, which has not shown attitude on the agreement to normalize diplomatic relations with UAE, Saudi Arabia's response will be the focus in the future.