French gendarmes. (illustration) - FRED TANNEAU / AFP

The free parties are more than ever in the crosshairs of the authorities because of the high risk of contamination with the coronavirus. Sunday evening, the gendarmerie thus mobilized significant resources to prevent a large festive gathering in the countryside, in Saint-Priest-la-Prugne, not far from Roanne (Loire).

Alerted after the arrival of many vehicles, the gendarmes then blocked access to the meeting point overnight, reports Le Progrès . Almost 300 people managed to get together to music.

They were thousands in Lozère

Beyond the illegality of the gathering and the health risk, several offenses with narcotics and the Highway Code have been noted, specifies the daily.

On Sunday, the police also intervened to stop a free-party in Essonne (Ile-de-France). The previous weekend, more than 5,000 people gathered for a rave party in Lozère.


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