The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Chargé d'Affairs to the Iranian embassy in Abu Dhabi, against the backdrop of statements by the Iranian presidency, which the UAE described as inciting, while a senior Iranian official called on the UAE to reconsider its relationship with Israel after the normalization agreement.

Yesterday, Abu Dhabi handed over the Chargé d'Affairs to the Chargé d'Affairs to protest what it described as the threats contained in the speech of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani regarding the sovereign decisions of the UAE, which concluded an agreement to fully normalize relations with Israel, announced days ago.

The UAE Foreign Ministry described Rouhani's speech as unacceptable and inciting, and that it carries serious repercussions on security and stability in the Gulf region, stressing that relations between countries, agreements and treaties are a sovereign matter.

The memo also highlighted Iran's responsibility to protect the country's mission in Tehran and its diplomats, in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

In response to the announcement of the agreement, Rouhani said yesterday that the UAE committed a "big mistake" by agreeing to normalize relations with Israel, and strongly condemned what he described as "a betrayal of the Muslims, the Palestinian people and Jerusalem."

Rouhani warned, according to what was quoted by the Iranian "Mehr" agency, the Emirates "to open the gates of the region to enter the Zionist entity," and said, "If it does, we will deal with it differently."

He added, "The rulers of the Emirates should know that they committed a big mistake and an act of treachery, and we hope that they will pay attention and do not continue this wrong path."

In a new statement following the Emirati protest, the Iranian Chief of Staff, Major General Muhammad Bagheri, called on the UAE to reconsider its relationship with Israel after the normalization agreement, considering that "Tehran's approach towards the UAE will change drastically, if something happens in the Gulf region and harms our national security," Even in a simple way, we will hold the UAE responsible and will not tolerate the matter. "

The local "IRNA" agency quoted Bagheri as saying, "Unfortunately, we are facing a major calamity these days. It is unacceptable that the Emirates, as an Arab and Islamic country, establish political and economic relations with the Zionist entity, and then openly announce this, while this entity is exposed to the first Muslim kiss and is displaced, killed and arrested." Children of the Palestinian people. "