• Dj dead: Gioele searches continue, Prosecutor still leaves all hypotheses open
  • Dj dead, pm: "Who rescued her after an accident, show up". He is investigating for voluntary homicide
  • Dead DJ. The hypothesis of an accident-suicide due to Gioele's death appears, checks on cars


16 August 2020The searches for little Gioele, 4 years old who disappeared on August 3 with his mother Viviana Parisi, the Turin DJ then found dead five days later in the countryside of Caronia, have continued unabated for thirteen consecutive days - in the countryside of Messina.

Even today about 70 people including firefighters, civil protection, forestry, police, finance, carabinieri of the Sicily hunting department with drones and dogs are patrolling the countryside of Caronia and the surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, the investigation conducted by the Patti Public Prosecutor's Office is also analyzing the one already examined by the investigators and also reported by Gioele's family, that is, that of a possible attack on mother and child by wild animals or ferocious dogs. A hypothesis that would be supported by the presence of some bites on the woman's legs. The owner of the two Rottweilers was also questioned by investigators yesterday.

Furthermore, Viviana's shoes would not be dirty with earth, as if she had not walked for a long time and had been suddenly attacked by someone. According to the investigators, however, only the in-depth examinations of the autopsy will be able to clarify whether the bites on the woman's body could be compatible with an attack by wild animals or dogs. 

Another possibility, however excluded by family members, is that the mother, perhaps frightened by the accident, also suffering from depression, could have killed her son in a raptus and then committed suicide. Finally, the track of the murder by someone perhaps met on the spot is also beaten. For days, men from forensics have been analyzing the telephone records, the pylon near which the woman's body and the car were found; a forensic geologist, specializing in finding buried bodies, is also analyzing the woman's journey. 

The family of Daniele Mondello, the father of little Gioele, does not believe in the hypothesis of the child's death in the car accident that took place on the morning of August 3 on the Messina-Palermo. Claudio Mondello, cousin of Daniele Mondello and lawyer of the family, writes on Facebook: "Is the thesis of the child who died as a result of the initial accident credible? No. For the following reasons: the accident occurred is minor; if they were blood traces emerged from the analysis of the car subjected to seizure, given the clamor aroused by the affair we would have already known; Viviana was morbidly linked to her son - he writes - According to such a reconstruction, she would have preferred to escape rather than (at least) groped to rescue ".

Not only that, continues the lawyer. "The timing of the events seems to have been lightning fast: Viviana, therefore, would have, immediately, decided that it was more useful to protect herself rather than Joel and, therefore, earned the escape - he continues - Some of those present on the scene of the facts do not they are limited to a rapid transit but try to provide help: can we consider it probable that they had not noticed the results of an accident to the detriment of the child? I speak strictly individually but this reconstruction (at least in the state of emergencies) does not convince me at all ".

The reconstruction of the facts 
The investigations, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor of Patti, continue in all directions; a file against unknown persons for murder and kidnapping remains open. Thanks to the video recovered in Sant'Agata di Militello before the woman had an accident in the tunnel, there is a fixed point: the child was alive in Sant'Agata di Militello and in good condition. The investigators are now concentrating on what happened immediately after the accident with a truck of workers that took place on the motorway tunnel before Caronia. One of the hypotheses is that the child died in the impact and then Viviana committed suicide, perhaps by first burying the body of her son. However, the traffic police confirm that the accident was minor, although nothing can be ruled out. Tourists who saw Viviana and her son after the accident are still expected to give their testimony before investigators.