Despite the absence of influential arbitration errors against Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the European Champions League, the match referee, Damir Skomina, made 3 mistakes.

The match ended with a landslide victory for Bayern 8-2 to qualify for the semi-finals of the tournament.

The first mistake was made by the referee before the start of the match by agreeing that Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer plays with a shirt very close to the colors of the referees' shirts, as this is only allowed in lower-level tournaments and junior matches, because the referee in modern football enters a lot inside the penalty area and may happen The similarity of colors between him and the goalkeeper is a problem for players in light of the usual fusion inside the area.

The football law stipulates that the players and goalkeepers must wear different clothes than the referees, and the referees have many colors to wear far from the colors of the two teams, but the problem that sometimes appears is the similarity with the goalkeeper, and in this case the law requires the goalkeeper to change his shirt, but this It did not happen despite a technical meeting a day before the match during which the clothes of the two teams and the referees would be determined.

Alba's injury was one of the injuries that wasted time in the second half (Getty Images)

As for the second mistake that Skomina made, he counted only two minutes as wasted time in the second half, and this is completely illogical, as the half witnessed 6 substitutions and 5 warnings, but Alfonso Davis, the Bayern player, was injured and treated on the field, before he was removed, and in the arbitration custom One switch takes at least half a minute, so wasted time far exceeds two minutes.

One of the falls that called for an assessment of the injury to Suarez (Reuters)

The second half also witnessed 5 goals, and about half a minute is always wasted during the celebration of the goals.

The heavy defeat of Barcelona may be the motive behind this, especially since Article 5 of the Football Law (Referee) stipulates that the referee is the only timer, and he who assesses the time overtime.

Alba ignores the referee while warning (Reuters)

As for the referee’s third mistake, he was excessive in talking with the players, as the arbitration rule urges the referees not to speak with the players except for necessity, because this may reduce the prestige of the referee and make him fall into error.

Suarez (right) objects to the referee speaking to the players in a scene that was often repeated (Getty Images)

Also, the referee is not required to justify or explain his decisions to the players, but Skomina fell into this trap and reaped its fruits with many objections and "smashing" from the players, especially Barcelona, ​​so that Jordi Alba ignored him and refused to turn to him while he warned him after he threw the ball towards him in opposition to the calculation A violation against him in the sixty minute.

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