On Friday, Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn expressed doubts that the normalization agreement between Israel and the UAE would bring stability to the region, describing Abu Dhabi's position as a betrayal of its Arab brothers.

Asselborn said in an interview with the German radio station Deutschland Funk, that the aforementioned agreement had not been concluded during the past two months, indicating that this rapprochement was noticeable during the past two or three years.

He added, it is clear that the Sunnis in the Gulf are allying with Israel against Iran. I think that what happened would not have happened had it not been for Iran's policy, and we have always seen that solidarity with the Palestinians, especially in the Gulf, is no longer a priority.

He pointed out that Israel has officially announced that it can envision a two-state solution, but current developments contradict this solution, stressing that his conviction is that unless the two-state solution is achieved, there will be no stability even among the Gulf states themselves.

And he expected Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the countries of the region not to take similar steps.

He concluded that the Palestinians are "truly caught between the strings, and if the two-state solution is toppled, and this is naturally possible, I believe at the time that stability will not be achieved in this region."