China Overseas Chinese Network, August 14th. According to the WeChat official account of the South African Chinese Police-Civil Cooperation Center, on the afternoon of August 13, local time, Zhong Zhiwei and his wife, the chairman of the Qilu Association of Southern Africa, encountered three armed robbers on their way off work. Robbery, unfortunately killed.

  It is understood that the couple was robbed in Johannesburg at about 4 pm. On the day of the incident, they drove a silver BMW X5.

  According to witnesses at the scene, the robbers drove a white golf and the three robbers fired six shots at the dead.

  The Southern African Qilu Association is an important overseas Chinese community organization in the South African Overseas Chinese Association. For a long time, Chairman Zhong Zhiwei and the cadres of the Chamber of Commerce have upheld the concept of patriotism and love for the hometown, safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese from Shandong, and built a harmonious overseas Chinese community. Ping An Overseas Chinese Association has played an important role, and it is also an important non-governmental force in promoting exchanges between China and South Africa in various fields.

  The social security situation in South Africa has always brought severe challenges to the lives and work of overseas Chinese living in South Africa. The South African Chinese Police and Civilian Center reminded overseas Chinese to unite and strengthen security precautions so that tragedies do not occur again.